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Sci-Fi: Tell me about the future – Part 1

Right above the window was a tile. Porcelain or glazed tile… I couldn’t really tell without taking it down and exam it closer. An inscription was painted on it, and it was obvious to all, that it wasn’t put there to give a cozy atmosphere in the living room. “Stay away from me”, it said. […]

Idea for webshop

One could sell guns, more guns and whiskers. You know… and other spare parts for cats. Extra ribs and also new spearheads for the fur.

Landlocked at sea

It is possible.

The Magister Bibendi Project

Magister Bibendi is playing with his creativity. Magister Bibendi will unleash everything worth releasing for the eyes and ears of the world. This is the Magister Bibendi Project. Don’t expect too much.