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Sci-Fi: Tell me about the future – Part 1

Right above the window was a tile. Porcelain or glazed tile… I couldn’t really tell without taking it down and exam it closer. An inscription was painted on it, and it was obvious to all, that it wasn’t put there to give a cozy atmosphere in the living room. “Stay away from me”, it said. I dared to go to the window, anyway. Outside the sun was getting up. The stage was set.

Göran stepped out his car and started walking across the lawn. The grass was wet, and he certainly tried to avoid getting his neatly polished shoes and cotton-trousers dirty. He lifted his legs to limit the contact with the wildly growing grass. His walk could be perceived as somewhat similar to the walk of an ostrich. But if you’ve seen an ostrich running, you’ll know, that this comparison by no account is true. There was no ostrich about him. He didn’t even have feathers.

I took two steps back, in order to hide in the darkness – away from the window. I looked up, and as my eyes got used to the dark again, I saw the sign once more: “Stay away from me”. I wondered if the sign was some kind of prophecy, and it was put up to tell me – exactly at this time – that I should stay away from Göran. I sneaked into the kitchen next door. I knew, that there was a place to hide in the kitchen. A closet I could share with a vacuum cleaner. But I was unaware, at that time, that it was the vacuum cleaner of death. And death was deep inside it.

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